Most Bizarre tattoos, piercings and body modifications (more inside)

The Giant Labrel

This one below is called the “The Giant Labrel”

I wonder how he eats? wait, is that a girl? anyway it doesn’t matter.

The point is.. that is not a good look.

The Gian Labrel

Ear Spiking

This one is pretty self explanatory ” Ear Spiking”. Personally i think this is bizarre to certain extent. i mean why would you want your ears to be like that of Elfs? pathetic. well some may call it personality. or wait, she could be a star trek fan

Ear Spiking body mod


Pls do not think about trying this, i mean how stupid can you be to modify your body so as to prove something? love? trust? whatever… that’s just extreme. In case you’re wondering, yes it was done with cigarette. slowly and gradually, must have been a painful experience.

Burning - body modification

Saline Inflation

The modification below is known as the Saline Inflation and NO they didnt get stung by a bee.  According to my research, they did it by injecting saline solution into their face, the good thing is.. its temporary unlike the other body modifications. The problem is.. its going to be the new fashion, no im just kidding.. But c’mon, its not attractive.

Saline inflation body modification

Subdermal Implants

Subdermal Implants is a crazy one, just like every other implants. well this is done my inserting an object into the skin. below are pictures of subdermal implants: –

Subdermal implants in the headSubdermal implant inside the arm

Split Tongue (Tongue bifurcation)

Well a lot of people will find this gross, however some may call it art. Personally I think its odd. The Split Tongue modification. Well its self explanatory, you split your tongue through to the middle a.k.a body bifurcation. Yeah I’ve been reading a lot lately :).

Split tongue - tongue bifurcationTongue split aka fiburcation

Corset Piercing

I sincerely have no problem with Corset Piercing except the thought of someone ripping your skin off by pulling the “corset”. that wouldn’t be a good sight. I wouldn’t mind the piercing really plus it looks alright 😛

hot Corset piercingHot body piercing - corset piercing

There are couple of other body modifications and tattoos such as “eye tattoos”, “back light tattoo”, “Microdermal Implants” and “scarification”.

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  1. You think cute elf ears are gross, but like split tongues aren’t? wtf btw, the first one looks fake
    why would you be posting pics of cute elf ears when there are way worse ones out there..
    the guy who put knives through his nostrils

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