Giggs – Let Em Ave It (Album Download)

UK Hip Hop / Grime

Told Giggs about the Album… he said “Let Em Ave it”

01. Intro
02. Hustle On
03. Look What The Cat Dragged In
04. The Way It Is
05. Bus Commercial
06. Get Your Money Up
07. Ner Ner
08. Reminiscing (Ft. Joe Grind & Gunna Dee)
09. The Loves Still There (Ft. Kyra)
10. Little Man And Me (Ft. ML)
11. Life (Ft. Shereen Shabana)
12. What More Do They Want
13. Matic (Ft. Gunna Dee & Y. Butch)
14. Signs
15. Up, Up And Away (Ft. J-Melo)
16. Have It Out
17. All I Know (Get Your Money Up Remix) (Ft. Nathan)
18. Let Em Ave It


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Author: Tommiekiddy

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