Celebrity Women who sold their soul for Fame (Illuminati)

I got the post Title from the Youtube Video, so bear with me.

A commenter on Tommiekiddy.com led me to the video above, but i just ain’t satisfied enough with the novice captions on the video, captions like “scary” makes me wanna re-edit the video, but then i’d have to ask for permission, download the video, add anotations, edit some clips and re-upload the video. And i don’t think i have a lot of time on me at the moment.

First of all, i’m not agreeing that all the celebrities in the video did sold their souls to the devil or for fame etc; Not all videos with robots and weird custumes can be classified as illuminati or freemason.

From 3:05 to 3:15, Beyonce did use signs and gestures which appears to be representing the illuminati; notice the pyramid gesture at 3:06 which is also noticeable here and below, did you what Sasha Fierce was about:-

Beyonce pyramid signBaphomet

I’ll Skip alicia keys as i haven’t got enough evidence to back that one up and I’ll give Brandy a miss aswell and probably Kelis.

There’s no doubt regarding the fact that Rihanna’s gone from good to bad, from the “Pon de replay” days to “Rude Boy”. Notice Rihanna wearing the baphomet as a hat at 6:16.

Lady Gaga is an obvious one, that freaky masonic looking Gaga. 7:23 into the video shows Lady GaGa with one eye open, remember Jay-Z’s lyrics from the track “Can I Live”?

“I Keep one eye open like CBS”  –  JAY-Z

One Eye Open

The video also shows the dancers carrying the Pyramid and the all seeing eye at 7:46 – 7:52. You probably didnt notice the background light which is also in shape of an eye.Lady Gaga can be seen wearing a baphomet-like hat at 7:58 with horns. Again, she’s left an eye open at 8:09 and 8:15 into the video.

P.S. You don’t have to believe these conspiracy theories… the choice is yours.

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  1. I totally agree with you. It’s so obvious, their music used to be ok and innocent but now it’s very dark and demonic.

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  2. I never thought of it that way, well put!

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  3. Didn’t know I’ve been patronising demonic songs. U re so ryt.

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  4. The songs and videos of these people affect one’s mind subconsiously,unknowingly serving tha devil

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  5. I saw the vids yesterday compiled together & l gotta say l was shocked. I just hadnt noticed it before but when the narrator pointed it out, it was as if a glass in my mind had been smashed to pieces.
    Thanks for all the information that you are providing for us.

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  6. I was realy shocked as i watched the videos for persons whom some people are their idols!

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  7. So how did they sell their soul?

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  8. Then we wonder how Obama is connected to all of this as he invited Beyonce, JayZ, Alicia and Justin Bieber to the WH!!!
    You can’t tell me that there is something very disturbing about all of this….anyone else agree?

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  9. “Be sure what is hidden in the darkness, shall be exposed to the LIGHT!!

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  10. i think i need to pray for them ALL

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  11. The bible have to be filed. Theirs only a few that are chosen. What people have to understand this is SATAN world. He has an job that’s need to be filled and that’s to deceived the people in this world. Religions are taught to deceived the people. Every one that say God worship the same person which is SATAN. SATAN is a GOD.I hope you understand the different from God’s and the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE. Study and you should be made wise. Remember the truth is out here but you have to have common since to received. Best believed the CREATOR is richer than the rich and famous. And the CREATOR will reward his true followers. And SATAN give out rewards too so you can think you are doing something right. Some in the industry know and some don’t. Remember there’s a price that need to be paid. You have an heaven of hell and a heaven of glory. REMEMBER MOSES THE LAW GIVER. This is no joke. This also go for the people in the GOSPEL industry. They just represent GOD SPELL which is SATAN. To fool the people because they don’t have common since. You all don’t have to believe but this is truth. STUDY even the elect will be deceived. Go back the Garden of Eden. Another thing the ALMIGHTY IS PREPARING A PLACE FOR HIS HOLY PEOPLE AND NO ROBBER OR THEIFT LIAR,WHORE,AND SO ON CAN NOT ENTER. All of the so called I have a lot of knowledge that need to be thrown out. But I’ll wait for you all to digested what I just type. And for the record I will not get angry if you all don’t comprehend LOVE AND PEACE.

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  12. Don’t be fooled, satan is a liar, he will make you pay in the end, he will double cross you. He even fooled the head of the church of satan. It is a horrible end. Please I beg you don’t do it.

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