Skepta's 'All Over the House' (X-Rated) Video & Reactions

There’s sex all over the internet; UK MC Skepta aka Microphone Champion, has unleashed a new music video featuring ‘Shorty’, well it’s more like an X-rated Adult (Nudity) video. Check the Reaction(s) below:

The explicit Video stars UK based pornstar; Paris Rocksxxx
Continue reading to see the X-rate Official music video (Warning: 18+ ONLY- NSFW):

More Reaction:

How about a Dead/boring (maybe more realistic) Reaction:

Author: Tommiekiddy

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  1. They kinda overeacted the videos, it doesn’t get better or worse; once its x-rated its x-rated. It’s not like the video’s got a limit to it.

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  2. Anuva publicity stunt from Skepta lol… she’s sexy tho

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  3. o.m.g wtf! y everyone goin on bout it simple as if u dnt lyc dnt watch no1’s askin u 2. so just grow a pair and gt fuckin lost. skepta ur video was fuckin amazingg. loved every bit 😛 GO SKEPTA GO :DDD x

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  4. going to *fap* *fap *fap*

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