Clublife UK – New UK Reality Show

Clublife UK- Clublife Reality Show.

There’s a new UK reality show; self-proclaimed the “1st Urban U.K. Reality Show” starring some of the UK’s finest models ( and Rapper Moonlight and a model called Nathan. Now this is typical of what you’d expect from a good reality TV Show, the whole eastenders-like drama, hot girls,oiled asses, titties, topless scenes and ofcourse wet fights and more. Be part of the club life and watch their first episode “You Don’t Know Half The Story” below.

WATCH: Clublife UK (Reality Show) Episode 1 “You Don’t Know Half The Story”.

Meet the cast in this introductory episode and learn about Nathan’s dilemma’s regarding him being stuck in a relationship triangular web between two beauties. Moonlight on the other hand has his lady, but will the final separation from his ex be more complicated than predicted?? Chanelle remains business focused but encounters a ‘bump’ in the road which threatens to drive her to the point of insanity! Lexy falls victim to her circumstances and seeks comfort in an unusual suspect!! Everything comes to light at Mica’s birthday at where??…you guessed it…the CLUB!!

Clublife UK (#CLUK) Cast and Role:

Moonlight –Hustler, ex-playboy and Lover.

Nathan – 21 old Model, Trey Songz wannabee and a lover.

Chanelle – Dubbed the UK’s ‘Tahiry’ from ‘Love & Hip Hop’.

Lexy – Men stealer / side-chick.

Zack – Liverpool hairstylist with good morals.

Mica – glamour-puss and make-up artist plus a drama starter.

Linda – Austrian native with sexy accent has curves to rival Jessica Rabbit.

Emma – Hot model with most laid back chick with loyalty to rival most.


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