5 Reasons Floyd Mayweather should donate to Africa / Charity

Heavy weight Boxer, Money Floyd Mayweather Junior explains why he doesn’t donate money. One of his major reasons is because Africa gives him nothing in return. The boxer claims Facebookers and Instagrams won’t aid him if he happens to be broke.

“If Im gonna spend money off in a bad way (Charity) , Imma spend it on myself, Imma do what I wanna do with my money. No I should donate to myself, I should donate to my family” – Floyd Mayweather Junior.

Mr Money, I see you have lots of family in the Strip club. Of course, you have every right to neglect africa (not) since you invest your money in lucrative ventures.

Dear Mr Mayweather, the typical victims of charities ain’t sort to poke you on Facebook, or Retweet some of your narcissistic tweets.

According to YouTube, Mayweather has self-justified on billions of reasons why he should make some contribution or donate to Africa or other Charities that could make use of less than 1% of what he wastes in strip clubs and flashy cars.

Floyd Money Mayweather Why should I donate money to Africa What has Africa done for me:

Top 5 Reasons Floyd Mayweather should donate to Africa / Charity

  1. Floyd Mayweather Jr. — Strip Club Monsoon After T.I. Fight

    Floyd Mayweather Jr. practices what he preaches … hours after getting into a fight with T.I. and telling him to “control your bitch,” the champ went to a strip club to show how exactly how HE exercises ultimate control.


  2. Floyd Mayweather Drops $50k on STRIPPERS!

    In September 2012, Floyd Mayweather dropped $50,000 at the BEST strip club in the South, Diamonds of Atlanta… but let’s just say some of the strippers might not be up everyone’s alley.

  3.  Floyd Mayweather Withdrawals TWO MILLION DOLLARS And Burns Money

  4. Floyd Mayweather and The Money Team in the CEO Suite.

  5. Why Floyd Mayweather should donate to Africa or Charities in general

    Dear Mr Money Mayweather and The Money Team (TMT), No says you must donate to Africa or any other charities as far as your money is concerned.
    You do however showcase how excessive your money is and how you like to waste it in strip clubs and remote areas, you could dedicate a portion of this to charitable events, 2% of these monies could be utilize in creating better future. Then again, it’s your money.

    Floyd Mayweather donates to Charity, notFloyd Mayweather not aiding african children

    Floyd Mayweather Vs African Charities

    Mr Floyd, look into their eyes and tell me you feel nothing

In a nutshell Floyd May-weather is no different from this spoiled kid without brain:

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